We accept books for upcoming auctions (prior appointment is required)

Please contact us by telephone to arrange an appointment. We can accept the work according to the conditions mentioned below.

To make an appointment, please call:

Elena Gallego Linares: +34610639416

Manuel AbellaFernandez: +34 676419952



The assignor deposits the work for sale at the auction. The price estimation is based on recent reasonable auction prices for items in similar state of conservation, rarity, quality and origin. This price does not constitute a valuation and will usually be below the real value of the lot.

The assignor guarantees the ownership of the works deposited or that he/she is validly licensed by the rightful owner, and can therefore dispose of them free of claims, charges and other burdens.

The assignor gives Sphera Mundi full right to photograph and reproduce the goods to be sold.

If the assignor, on his/her own initiative, proceeds to withdraw the lots before the conclusion of the auction, he/she must pay Sphera Mundi the possible mediation fees if the works were sold at the established price..

If deemed necessary and under mutual agreement between the assignor and the auction room, the costs of cleaning and/or restoration of any good or consultation with external experts other than the auction room shall be borne by the assignor, even if the works are not sold.

The data on the lots published in the catalogue meet the criteria established by Sphera Mundi and as such, is not responsible for typographical errors on the numbering, description, dimensions or price of the lots that form the catalogue

Sphera Mundi is in charge of organising the auction and shall set the date and time, the lots included, the assignor’s order and their description in order to obtain the best outcome.

The settlement of the awarded works will be carried out once the lots have been previously paid by the buyers.

Unless otherwise stated by the assignor, the auction room may award the lots unsold after the auction, observing the price agreed with the assignor.

If the unsold goods have not been withdrawn by the assignor one month after the auction, Sphera Mundi is authorized to include them in another auction with 30% reduction on the previous dispatch price. Unsold lots not withdrawn by the assignor, put on sale again or agreed with Sphera Mundi a new price for future sales three months after the auction will be excluded from the General Insurance coverage the hall has for its stocks.

Should the assignor not wish to re-auction the work one month after the auction, without having withdrawn the work, the assignor has to pay the storage costs of about € 6 per day from that date.

In case of dispute between Sphera Mundi and the buyer or seller, the parties fall under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid, renouncing any other jurisdiction.


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